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WEBINAR : Decoding Five Years of Total Video Transformation

Over the past five years, we have seen a proliferation of content, as global and local players have sought to capture and retain the attention of Australian video viewers.


In this session, we’ll dive deep into a typical viewing day, spanning a variety of video platforms, devices, and content genres to understand the ‘what, when, where, how, and why' of video content consumption. This study will explore the growth of SVOD, traditional TV's reinvention into FAST channels, YouTube's dominance across all screens, and the explosive growth of TikTok amongst younger viewers.


To deliver these findings we will share exclusive new research from the Total Video ContentFX report - a research project developed by the Marketing Scientist Group. It will compare data from 2018 and 2023 using our independent study of more than 3,000 Australian video viewers, leveraging a robust diary methodology to paint a vivid one-day picture of video content viewing habits.


This work will be presented by Peter Hammer, the former Head of Insights and Analytics in Asia-Pacific for Warner Bros Discovery. Also a graduate of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, he now advises some of the largest media businesses in Australia and Asia Pacific in audience measurement and advertising / content effectiveness.

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