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Quote :

Please complete this briefing form to help us prepare a quote for you :

Before you start this briefing form, you may wish to collate the following information

  1. The name of your campaign

  2. The name of brand / product / company included in the campaign

  3. Where you want to run the research (e.g. Australia, US, UK, etc.)

  4. The primary / secondary audience for the campaign

  5. Who you want to survey in the research

  6. The types of content you want included in the research (e.g. branded content article, sponsored podcast, brand TVC)

  7. The number of different versions of content / ad you want to test (we will also ask you to provide links.

  8. The approximate length of the articles (e.g. 500 words) or videos/podcast (e.g. 15 secs or 5 minutes)

  9. Three key messages of the campaign (e.g. Coke has a refreshing taste)

  10. The name of the category

  11. A list of key competitors

  12. Past or future actions (made a purchase) and the relevant time period for that action (e.g. the last month), as is relevant for the campaign

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