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How It Works

Using purpose-built survey and reporting technology, we can quickly access your current and potential customers using online research panels to provide you and your business with deep insights about the impact of your branded content


The key steps in the process are :

Client Survey

We start by collecting relevant information from you about the branded content such as key campaign messages, competitors, category usage and purchasing habits.

Data Collection

Using purpose-built research technology, we survey a sample of relevant audiences (including category buyers / your customers) based on forced exposure to the content.


By combining agile technology with a team of experienced Marketing Scientists, we quickly analyse your data and extract insights on the uplift to key brand and impact metrics.


We produce a full report in PowerPoint / PDF format with all the key insights.

We also offer workshops via VC for selected clients (at a fee).

What branded content we test :
What we measure :

Most branded content measurement involves vanity metrics like social likes/shares and page views.

With contentFX, we report brand uplift and impact using a series of academically-tested measures, including :

  • Brand Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Purchase Intent (or relevant equivalent)

  • Brand Favourability

  • Key Messages

  • Content Likeability

  • Action Metrics (including sharing) 

The Content Marketing Institute defines branded content as "a sponsored or paid partnership between the brand and the media, that encourages audiences to engage with the brand based on its entertainment, information, and/or educational value."

We use contentFX to test the following :

  • Native (written) content

  • Branded video content

  • Brand-integrated video content (e.g. product placements in TV content)

  • Branded podcasts

  • Branded / influencer social posts

What insights we create :

You’ll access high-quality research and insights from an experienced team of Marketing Scientists, made cost-effective by automation.  For every test we produce a PowerPoint / PDF report that is typically 25 - 30 pages in length :


brand metrics improvement after exposure to the creative
Brand X percentage-point gain after the content exposure
Likeability for branded content
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