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contentFX - Bespoke

contentFX - Bespoke is a one-off branded content study designed to specifically meet the requirements for best measuring the success of the campaign.

Where possible, we will leverage our technology and benchmarks database to provide a cost-effective solution and richer insights.

Markets / Audiences :

We have access to all major markets, and can specifically design the research to speak to specific audiences.  A key driver of the study cost is the size of the audience in the population.

We can also run these studies on B2B content, as well as B2C.

Study Types :

We can run studies on more content types, including :

  • Native (written) content

  • Branded video content

  • Brand-integrated video content (e.g. product placements in TV content)

  • Branded podcasts

  • Branded / influencer social posts

  • Mixed-media content

Even if the content you have isn't listed, please request a quote to find out whether the content you have is suitable.

Inclusions :

Each contentFX - Bespoke includes :


  • No fixed audience or content requirements

  • Inclusion of client questions / analysis of additional variables or subgroups

  • A report workshop of the findings with key stakeholders via VC, as standard

contentFX - Bespoke

Indicative Pricing :

Pricing for contentFX - Bespoke starts from $9,999 (AUD), based on Australian audience tests.

We do not have a fixed rate card for contentFX - Bespoke.  The key factors that impact the study costs are :

  • Size and composition of the target audience

  • Number of content pieces

  • Content length

  • Design complexity

  • Inclusion of client questions / variables

Please request a quote to get a detailed costing.

To find out more, please contact us via email, or :

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