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contentFX is a cost-effective solution that produces high-quality research at speed, by combining technology + a team of experienced Marketing Scientists.

The key benefits for our customers are :


Media Owners and Publishers

  • Produces cost effective, consistent insights to enable on-going testing for different campaigns and brands

  • Delivers a low-touch solution to free up internal data/research resources

  • Independent reporting proving the effectiveness of the content on your platform (not marking your own homework)

  • Offers deep insights on audience impact by version to aid targeting / amplification strategies

Media Agencies and Brands

  • Delivers independent research/analysis of campaign performance on metrics that matter (goes beyond page/video views)

  • Is a lower-cost solution to enable testing on smaller (lower budget) campaigns

  • Produces key insights on brand performance outcomes to assist in future planning

  • High quality research to enhance total campaign performance / market mix modelling

Content Creators and Producers

  • Creates on-going learnings about what works to aid future content creation projects

  • Delivers clear insight on the brand impact created by the content

  • Provides opportunity to test and learn different styles and formats

  • Can be used to generate case studies on past work for business development



"contentFX has helped us understand the key metrics that our videos are driving for the client.  This helps us better understand how we use native (branded) video content within campaigns, to drive specific outcomes."

—  Media Agency

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